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Dermatologists are the medical skin experts, and they can help pinpoint the true causes of acne as well as the most effective treatments. Yet many persistent myths continue to stand in the way of successful acne treatment—which is why Dr. Lain wants to debunk these misconceptions and help anyone affected by acne get on the path to clear, healthy skin. Here, he talks about what you need to know when it comes to acne and working out, picking pimples, sun exposure and the importance of using the proper skincare regimen—even when you get breakouts under control.

4 Common Acne Misconceptions

  • Sweat does not cause acne, and acne may be the result of an impaired skin barrier
  • Picking pimples and squeezing blackheads does not help acne
  • Sunlight is not a safe acne treatment, and may lead to long-term skin damage
  • Acne cannot be cured, but it can be controlled with a consistent skincare regimen

Hi, everyone. This is Dr. Ted Lain. I’m a board-certified dermatologist. I treat acne patients every day and I hear the same myths from many of my patients. I’d like to go through those with you and dispel them so you can be more educated about your skin.

“Sweaty workouts make my acne worse.”

Dr. Lain: Sweat does not cause acne. One of the reasons that you do have acne is because of an impaired skin barrier. That’s why I recommend CeraVe’s line of products to most of my patients, because CeraVe’s line of products includes those three essential ceramides that are so important for maintaining and restoring the skin barrier.

“Picking my blackheads prevents more pimples.”

Dr. Lain: Picking, pulling, squeezing, scratching… none of them help. All they can do is lead to more problems, and possibly worsen your acne. What’s more important is to find a skincare regimen that you can use on a consistent basis that will not only help improve your acne, but help maintain the skin barrier.

“Tanning helps clear my acne.”

Dr. Lain: Sunlight is not the treatment of choice for acne because of the damage that can occur over the longer term. I think what’s more important and more effective in treating acne is utilizing a skincare regimen that’s gentle enough to be used on a daily basis because as we know, consistent use leads to the best results. Included in that skincare regimen should be a daily facial moisturizer with at least an SPF of 25 so that you can enjoy the sun without experiencing the bad effects from the sun.

“My acne is cured. I don’t need a regimen anymore.”

Dr. Lain: It’s not about curing acne, it’s about controlling acne, and the best way to control acne is by using a regimen that you can use on a daily basis. Because once your acne is controlled, it’s important to continue using that regimen to prevent future breakouts.

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