How to cleanse your face correctly​

Learning how to wash your face properly and regularly is important for healthy-looking skin. Wondering ‘how often should I cleanse my face?’ For most people, twice a day is ideal, in the AM and PM.​

​ There are some differences to consider when it comes to how to wash your face in the morning vs at night. Typically, a single cleanse is enough in the morning, but when considering how to wash your face at night, we recommend double cleansing. This is because exposure to elements like pollution and makeup throughout the day can lead to excess build-up of impurities on the skin. The process of cleansing skin is as simple as massaging cleanser into your face before rinsing - but to Cleanse Like A Derm there are some key do’s and don’ts.​


Do: Choose a cleanser based on your skin type​

Face washes are not one-size-fits-all skincare products. Choosing the best facial wash for your specific skin type can help effectively clean your skin without unwanted side effects (such as sensitivity, flaking, or itching).​

​Don’t: Choose harsh, drying formulas​​

Some cleansers contain harsh, drying ingredients that can weaken the skin barrier. To help gently cleanse your skin without leaving it feeling dry or stripped, CeraVe cleansers are formulated without alcohol, sulfates, or fragrance.​

Cleanse like a derm


Although everyone’s skin is unique, there are a few general guidelines that can help you decide how often to wash your face. For help finding the ideal cleansing frequency for your skin’s individual needs, consult with your doctor or a board-certified dermatologist.​

Cleanse like a derm

Do: Cleanse your face twice daily, plus after sweating​​​

Stick to a consistent routine that includes twice-daily cleansing: once in the morning and once at night. It’s also important to cleanse your skin after working out or doing any activity that causes you to sweat heavily.​

Don’t: Wash your face too often (or not enough)​

Over-cleansing and under-cleansing can both impact your skin’s appearance. On one hand, washing too frequently can strip your skin of important moisture. At the same time, not cleansing often enough can cause a buildup of pore-clogging dirt, oil, and bacteria. ​


Do: Listen to the experts and seek help when needed​​​

As mentioned above, harsh cleansers can damage your skin barrier, letting irritants in and moisture out. We recommend choosing a dermatologist-recommended skincare brand with gentle cleansers that can remove oil, dirt, and makeup without compromising the skin barrier.​

It’s also important to seek the help of a board-certified dermatologist when needed. Your dermatologist can help answer any questions you may have about specific skin concerns and offer professional guidance or treatment options as needed.​

Don’t: Skip moisturizer and sunscreen after washing your face​

Besides cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen are two skincare routine basics that every good regimen needs. Moisturizer helps hydrate your skin and prevent moisture loss, while sunscreen helps protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. In some cases, it’s possible to find both moisturizer and sunscreen in a single formula, such as CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion With Sunscreen.

Step-By-Step Skincare Routine​

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